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Flip the cards below to bust some myths!


IUD can move around in the body and lead to brain damage.


Not at all! An IUD cannot travel around your body – just like a baby cannot travel around the body during pregnancy.


A vasectomy will make men lose their sexual power and become weak or impotent.


Of course not!  A vasectomy will not affect your sexual desire, sex drive or your ability to engage in enjoyable intercourse.


Birth control pills will eventually make me infertile – I’ll never be able to have kids.


No! Your reproductive system will go back to normal almost immediately after you stop using the pills.


Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) can cause women to have abortions.


Not a chance! ECPs only prevent pregnancies by delaying ovulation. They can’t abort a pregnancy that has already occurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is family planning & birth spacing only a woman’s business and not a man’s concern?

No! It is a couple’s mutual decision and choice to decide, by following any family planning method. A woman’s desires, knowledge, and preferences should always be respected. At the same time, when couples have conversations about their reproductive health and desires, they are able to support one another and help each other in the process.

Can condoms cause any side effects?

No. There are no known serious short or long-term side effects associated with the use of condoms. Rarely, a person may experience mild irritation around the groin area because of the material used to make a condom called latex.

Can a woman only take the ECP the next day of unprotected sex?

No. A woman should take the pill as soon as possible; however, it can still be effective if you take it up to 72 hours after having sex.

Is vasectomy a difficult and painful procedure?

A vasectomy should not be painful, although it may cause some discomfort! A vasectomy takes about a few minutes. The only sensations you’ll feel will be pressure or tugging. Any discomfort after the procedure can be managed with common pain medicines. You should rest for 2-3 days on average for recovery. However, please refer to your doctor if you feel any major pain or discomfort.

Does the withdrawal/pull out method work to prevent unwanted pregnancies?

Guys, you’ve got to have excellent control of your body for this method to work! And its sex, how many people can really control themselves in the heat of the moment!? Withdrawal is an option, but consider using another method if you are actively trying to prevent a pregnancy…it’s much less stressful!

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