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Breastfeeding and taking care of the baby

Begin breastfeeding the newborn as soon as possible, within 1 hour after delivery.

Fully or nearly fully breastfeed for 6 months.

A mother’s milk can alone fully nourish a baby for the first 6 months of life. This avoids the risks of feeding the baby contaminated liquids or foods.

Once the cervix is fully dilated (your provider will tell you so) and you have the urge to push, take the position you prefer or that may be more comfortable (the provider should support and guide you).

At 6 months, add other foods and formula to breastfeeding.

After 6 months, babies need a variety of food in addition to breast milk.

Breastfeed before giving other foods at each feeding.

Breastfeeding can and should continue through the child’s second year or longer.

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