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How to talk to your elders about family planning?

Discuss scholars’ opinions regarding family planning provisions in religion:

Prominent Islamic scholars have given a decree (fatwa) that family planning is permitted in Islam under certain conditions.

According to some Islamic scholars, family planning is permitted to ensure proper upbringing and care of the children.

Family planning is also permitted if spacing pregnancies and limiting their number makes the mother more physically fit and the father more financially at ease, particularly since these actions do not violate any prohibition in the Quran or the Prophet’s tradition (Sunnah). The method should be safe and practiced only for good reasons. For example, Islam does not allow the use of contraception to avoid female offspring.

Educate them about myths related to FP & birth spacing (See the myths section) if they bring that up.

Discuss why birth spacing leads to a healthier and happier family. (See birth spacing section)

Ask their opinion on having children and their future.

Find a safe space to talk. Try starting your sentences with phrases like “I feel…” or “I worry…”.

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