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Symptoms of pregnancy and managing them

If you’re feeling uneasy or think you could be pregnant and having symptoms, it’s important to confirm your pregnancy with a home pregnancy test or see your doctor

Here are some ways to treat discomforts commonly experienced as part of pregnancy symptoms:

Nausea in early pregnancy: ginger, chamomile, vitamin B6, acupuncture

Leg cramps: magnesium, and calcium.

Constipation: wheat bran or other fiber supplements.

Varicose veins and edema: compression stockings, leg elevation, soaking in water to improve continuity and quality of care.

Heartburn: avoid large, fatty meals and alcohol; stop smoking; take antacids (at least 2 hours before or after taking iron and folic acid supplements)

Low back pain, and pelvic pain: regular exercise, physiotherapy, support belts, and acupuncture

Each pregnant woman should be given her clinic case notes or records about her pregnancy and asked to take them to any health facility that she visits.

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