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Why does family planning mean a healthy family?

When a couple decides how many children to have, and uses contraception to space and number children in a way that works best for the family, there is a direct effect on the wife’s health in the following manner

The wife’s body has had time to recover and replenish nutrients lost during pregnancy. If pregnancies are too closely timed, her body will be exhausted and weak.

The wife can breastfeed longer, and this reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

The wife is at a lower risk of complications during pregnancy and childbirth including death

The family gets more time to take care of existing children at a critical early time in their lives.

The family gets more time to be physically, emotionally, and financially prepared for her next pregnancy.

The wife is at a lesser risk of miscarriage, stillbirth (when a woman gives birth to a dead infant), pre-term delivery, and having a low-birth-weight baby.

Each parent has more time for their family, and their social and professional activities, meaning greater mental health and mental well-being.

Stress is reduced by calculated timing. The father will be in good health and committed to his family’s welfare.

Parents will focus more on each child individually which will result in a healthy bond between them.

Children who grow up in a healthy environment will have healthier offspring in the future.

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